How we have helped others


When we started out trying to get services for our daughter, I thought I didn’t need an advocate.

I thought I could do it all on my own because I am smart and well versed in much of the system. I thought since I only have limited amounts of money, why would I spend it on an advocate rather than on tutoring or something that directly helped my daughter?  I was so wrong. Nothing has helped my daughter more than hiring Ask Now!

I fought for several years to get the help my daughter needs from our school district, but I was getting nowhere until I finally decided I had to get some help, and Ask Now has been worth every penny!

Mandy, is amazing at what she does, and I have had several of the people who have been in the IEP meeting with us, ask me for Mandy’s contact info because they were so impressed with how she handles the meetings. She asks the tough questions, she doesn’t take “no” for an answer, and she is there to support you when you need help knowing what to do. When we finally got a diagnosis for my daughter’s condition, Mandy was there to help me process that and know what to do next.

We have been using Ask Now now for almost a year, and now, I can’t imagine having to do this without Mandy. She now works with us for both of our kids IEPs, and it has been the best investment we have made. Before I had her, I signed off on IEPs that were completely inadequate, but I didn’t know poorly done they were because I had nothing to compare it to. Mandy has been doing this for years, and she knows what to look for and how to tell when something is done right.

To anyone who is thinking about hiring an advocate but not sure if they should spend the money, please do it for the sake of your child. I wish I had hired Mandy sooner! Ask Now truly is your child’s biggest ally!- Lisa.M


Thank You is not enough!

You have helped our family not only through the IEP’s and negotiations but also helping us find a school and services to help my son. I know we will be close for years to come…. From a south bay mom of a 5 year old.


I have been struggling for 2 years with my school district to get support for my son

I hired Ask Now Advocacy and Mandy walked me through the whole process, reviewed my file and explained the game plan to me.  At our IEP Mandy asked all the right questions and within a week my son has a 1 one 1 aide. I finally feel like someone has heard me at these meetings!!   Thank you Ask Now for your support